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On Tour in the Camper Van by FRANKIA – The World Is Your Home

The world is your


On Tour in the Camper Van by FRANKIA – Meals Made with Love

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On Tour in the Camper Van by FRANKIA – Every Day Is an Adventure

Every day is an


“Discover something new every day ...”

Yucon on tour

Our photoshoot pair Anna (41) and Lars (46) were the first couple to try out both microliners during our four-day photo tour. Together with the entire Yucon team they travelled to the wonderful Tölzer Land region and the breathtaking Alps near Mittenwald. What did they enjoy most about living the “van life”? What do they have to say about their test vehicles? Our two test drivers tell us about their adventures in the following interview.


All-you-can-eat buffet, reserved beach chairs, not having to lift a finger: Why choose an adventure road trip over an all-inclusive holiday?

Anna: Ten years ago we still flew to the usual club holiday destinations. But at some point we realized that these holidays didn’t help us slow down. We both have stressful jobs, deadlines and a lot of pressure – so neither of us wanted to spend our holiday dependent on schedules, fixed rules and everything else that comes with an all-inclusive resort.

Lars: When we looked back on our travels, we realised that there were very few memorable moments to speak of. That’s not what holidays are all about for us.

Living the “van life” is a big deal on social media right now: But what makes this kind of travel so special for you:

Lars: When we travel with the camper van, we take as much time for ourselves as we need in the morning – without any pressure. Sometimes we’ll sit with our coffee for an hour enjoying the morning sun. We are totally relaxed on the road and just live from day to day.

Anna: We have the freedom to decide what we want to do and where we want to go every day. And I especially enjoy how full life is on the go. You have many more opportunities to take it all in – the nature, the people we meet and, of course, the adventures that await us.


On Tour in the Camper Van by FRANKIA – Comfort & Flexibility Combined

Simply wow!

You’ve spent a lot of time travelling in the camper van. Tell us about your experiences ...

Lars: We’ve been visiting different places throughout Europe for the past five years. At first we didn’t know exactly what we’d need along the way and what was important to us, so we usually rented small motorhomes and camper vans. This is how we found out what we needed to have the level of comfort we want on the road. For example, a spacious bathroom and kitchen. This is quality of life for us – even when travelling. Most vans didn’t offer everything we were looking for. And the ability to actually go “off-road” is something that is very important to us now.

You’ve been travelling with the Yucon 6.0 and Yucon 7.0 Lounge for four days now. What do you think?

Anna: What I love most about both Yucons is how they combine the experience of a motorhome and a camper van. The exceptionally high ceiling and the lounge in the back of the Yucon 7.0 makes you feel like you are really in a spacious motorhome. And the large kitchen and extra-large bathroom for a compact model made our time in the van more than comfortable.

Lars: We were also able to leave for the next destination whenever we wanted to. And the storage space in both models was more than sufficient for us, every inch was perfectly used and – something I had never seen before – a double floor in a camper van like the Yucon 7.0 Lounge. It was perfect for storing chairs and other bulky items on our trip. We also really like the all-wheel drive. Driving on the off-road trails near the Sylvenstein Dam and in the floodplains of the Isar was no problem.


On Tour in the Camper Van by FRANKIA – Get out There and Do Your Thing

Simply amazing


Yucon 7.0 Lounge or Yucon 6.0 – what do you think? Which one suits your lifestyle best?

Anna: The Yucon 6.0 is the perfect van for outdoor enthusiasts and also great for spontaneous city trips thanks to its compact length. The entire interior is flooded with natural light, so you always feel close to the “outside world”. Watching the sunset in bed through the open rear door was an unforgettable moment. I also love the inside-out kitchen with a view. Both models have many great details that are practical and thought-out and which make life easier and more enjoyable. For example the removable tray in the kitchen of the Yucon 7.0 or the attractive leather straps on the bathroom door.

Lars: My personal favourite is the Yucon 7.0 Lounge. Even when we are travelling for longer periods, this microliner really has everything you’d find in a well-equipped motorhome – from a large kitchen to a spacious bathroom. And the lounge in the back of the van as a “living room” is truly unique. With this much comfort, even a rainy day can be something to look forward to.

You’ve travelled all over the world. Is there any place you’d especially recommend?

Lars: There were two places that really impressed us: Serbia and Albania. You can still discover picturesque seaside towns far away from mass tourism. The Serbian capital Belgrade was quite spectacular.

Anna: What really blew me away was the Tölzer Land region with its azure-blue Sylvenstein Dam and how wild the Isar River runs. Who needs to travel to Canada or Scandinavia? The Mittenwald region with the spectacular Alpine views, good Bavarian food and relaxed atmosphere also impressed me.