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Your home

on the road


Yucon 7.0 camper van

Tired of running the rat race every day? Then get out there and do your thing, discover favourite places and make lots of “remember when” moments! It’s easy with your Yucon 7.0: Pack your favourite things, bring your favourite person and hit the road. Head North, South, East or West – any time of the year. Your Yucon 7.0 is fully insulated, features a large kitchen, a fully equipped bathroom with shower & WC and a spacious, luxury-liner-like seating group with room for four.<br/> <br/> What else makes the Yucon 7.0 so unique? We definitely don’t think small like the competition! It offers ample storage space in the rear and a spacious interior with a 1.20 m long straight kitchen. Very Yucon by FRANKIA: Practical details that make your “home on the road” even more comfortable like the flexibly extendible kitchen, multifunction storage space or beds with a length of 1.95 m.


  • Yucon 6.0 gets an extended version! Microliner with a length of 7 m and optional all-wheel drive
  • Pack it up! Total weight of 4.1 t with a payload of nearly 900 kg – over 300 kg payload with a total weight of 3.5 t
  • Seating area for 4! Even more room to get together – tabletop extension included
  • Spacious kitchen with a length of 1.20 m, flexibly expandable worktop (40 cm) and large 84 L compressor refrigerator
  • Amazing storage space in the rear storage compartment: 85 cm depth throughout 
  • Sleep longer – In separate twin beds with a length of 1.95 m (each) and in the additional makeshift bed

Highlights & exciting details in the

Yucon 7.0 

Practical storage space in the rear storage compartment

Room for beverage crates, table, chairs and much more. Storage space with 85 cm depth throughout.

Wherever you want to go …

… the navigation in the 7 inch MBUX* and many assistance systems get you safely to your destination (standard or optional depending on model)

It’s all there – without conversion

Practical bathroom with shower and WC – 10 cm larger shower tray than in the Yucon 6.0 microliner

Everyone take a seat!

The table flexibly expands so that up to four people can sit together in the seating area

Power under the hood

A great basis: Mercedes-Benz Sprinter with rear-wheel drive – optional all-wheel drive and up to 190 hp engine

Sleep your way

An optional insert lets you easily turn the separate beds into a cosy double bed

More kitchen & fine cuisine

The flexibly expandable 1.60 m kitchenette offers you ample space to prepare all your favourite meals

Breakfast with a view

Light-flooded seating area with plenty of fresh air thanks to a large side window and additional skylight

Room for overnight guests

You can easily convert the seating area in your Yucon 7.0 into an additional makeshift bed

* Please note: The Original Mercedes-Benz multimedia system has no truck navigation and currently no option to include points of interest. Please note when planning your route: The navigation system does not account for specific vehicle weights and vehicle dimensions, meaning you may not be able to travel the proposed routes with your vehicle

Look around and discover the

Yucon 7.0 

Technical features & highlights of the

Yucon 7.0 

Power under the Hood

Up to 190 hp strong
turbo diesel engine with 93 L tank

All Fresh on the Go

Shower, rinse, cook – with
100 l fresh water tank

All the Energy You Need!

 105 Ah LiFePo battery for high energy reserves

Room for Delicious

Impressive: Compressor refrigerator 84 l volume

So Long, Waste Water!

Large capacity and easy to empty:
70 l waste water tank 

Hello Winter Travel!

Heat standard: Combi 4 TRUMA® heating

Sleep Longer

GD twin beds with a length of 1.95 m – with an external length of 7 m

Pack Your Favourite Things

Total weight of 4.1 t with a payload of nearly 900 kg (over 300 kg payload with 3.5 t)

Weight When Ready for Driving

3,151 kg or 3,219 kg –
with a gross weight of 3.5 t or 4.1 t