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[Translate to EN:] Campervan Yucon 63H - dein stylischer Begleiter

Your stylish


[Translate to EN:] Campervan Yucon 63H - deine On-the-road-Küche

Your on-the-road



Yucon 63 H camper van

Why not add a couple days to your weekend getaway? Exciting cities, hidden natural treasures, unforgettable encounters – there is so much to discover. Your microliner is ready for any adventure, no matter where you go or how long you’re away. The Yucon 63 H camper van is a talented all-rounder, especially when it comes to space.

This 6.36 m long Yucon on a Fiat Ducato platform is the largest in its class – and it offers all kinds of highlights: The microliner comes with a super high roof with an unbeatable 2.12 m of headroom. A drop-down bed with power adjustment in the rear lets you decide how you want to use your space. Raise the bed and use the space below as a large rear storage compartment or lounge. There’s even room for kids or friends in the optional second rear bed below the drop-down bed.

Campervan Yucon 63H – Floor plan


  • HIGHLIGHT: Drop-down twin bed with power adjustment in the rear
  • Three rooms in one: Flexible large rear storage compartment, day lounge or bedroom
  • Feel free: The super high roof gives you a lot of space
  • Deluxe storage: Extra-large rear storage compartment and wall unit in the rear
  • 90 l compressor refrigerator
  • Sleeps four – thanks to optional second rear bed
Campervan Yucon 63H – start your adventure

Start your


Technical features & highlights of the

Yucon 63 H

Campervan Yucon 63 H - Sky high!

Sky high!

Only in the Yucon 63 H: Lots of headroom (2.12 m) thanks to Fiat Ducato conversion with high roof

Campervan Yucon 63 H - amazing space!

Amazing space!

Raise the power drop-down bed in the rear to create an extra-large space that you can use as an XL rear storage compartment or lounge

Campervan Yucon 63 H - dreamers welcome

Dreamers welcome

You can relax perfectly in the 1.30 x 1.93 m large bed. Very convenient: Practical shelves and many windows

Campervan Yucon 63 H - safe and sound

Safe and sound

Large compartments keep all your provisions, plates and pots safe and sound – and you can easily get to them whenever you need them

Campervan Yucon 63 H - larger kitchen, greater enjoyment

Larger kitchen, greater enjoyment

There is plenty of room to prepare your favourite meals on the spacious worktop and two hobs

Campervan Yucon 63 H - smart bathroom

Smart bathroom

Your Yucon bathroom also features a smart layout – more convenience and relaxation for you

Campervan Yucon 63 H – seats four

Seats four

Thanks to the extendible table, the stylish seating area has enough space to eat, talk or play games comfortably

Campervan Yucon 63 H - make yourself comfortable

Make yourself comfortable

Raise the power drop-down bed in the rear and you have all the space you need for a cosy chill out lounge 

Campervan Yucon 63 H - clever use of every inch

Clever use of every inch

You’ll find practical details in every corner of your Yucon – so you have enough space to store your things

What are you waiting for?

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Technical features & highlights of the

Yucon 63 H

Power on the road

Optional 180 HP Euro 6 engine 
with 75/90 l tank

Everything’s fresh!

Shower, wash dishes and cook –
with a 110 l fresh water tank 

As much power as you need

 Two AGM batteries standard

A cool thing

90 l compressor refrigerator for connoisseurs

So long, waste water!

Large capacity and easy to empty: 80 l waste water tank

Hello winter trip!

Heat standard: Combi 4 TRUMA® heating

Sleep in

Rear bed for sleeping lengthwise with a width of 1.35 m and length of 1.94 m

Pack your favourite things

Over 510 kg payload … with a total weight of just 3.5 t!

Your colour, your style

Eight paint finishes to choose from!